Cutting Down a Few Big Trees in Oakey

gun tree cut down in oakey QLD

Saturday 11th of February. We all saw it coming but when the mercury topped out at a record breaking 42.1 degrees in Oakey Queensland, we all felt just a little foolhardy. I mean pulling down two huge Gum trees in ideal weather is hard enough but doing it through a heat wave? , well I can only say we all felt triumphant when the last 15m of the trunk was felled in the late afternoon.

Tough Job Ahead

tall trees cut down brisbane QLD

Toughing out the sweltering heat though was not our greatest challenge. These two enormous Gums were about a metre from a streamline fence and half of all the limbs were overhanging the neighbour’s property. The girth of some of these branches was almost that of the trunk and growing laterally. Needless to say, much of the heavy wood had to be lowered to the ground strategically to a designated drop zone to avoid any damage to the fence below.

Trying to Avoid Collateral Damage

tree felling brisbane tree lopping

The final section of the truck had to be dropped on the concrete carpark. Since the concrete in the car park was just a few years old, a few well place hefty branches laid out across the concrete where the trunk was expected to fall averted any damage to the concrete. We all felt the sentiment behind the applause when the last 15m of trunk lost its battle with gravity, and yes the client was appreciative for the care taken.

Cool Waters

oakey cool water

The great thing about Oakey is it doesn’t matter how broiling hot it gets the dam fed town tap water is always icy cold and let me tell you, we guzzled down bucket loads. Even showering under that sweet platinum liquid that evening was a memorable experience. Thank you, Oakey, I hope to taste your waters again soon.

Just another day at the office for Tree Lopping Pros Brisbane Qld