Tree Removal in Brisbane

Tree Removal Brisbane Southside – Springwood Tree Removal

Springwood is an established suburb on Brisbane’s Southside where we were called out to remove a 30 metre eucalyptus tree with a triple trunk overhanging a proposed development site. It wasn’t so much the branches and peripheral growth that were the problem but the enormous root system that would interfere with laying the foundations for the carpark extension.

Although a stately gorgeous tree it had come down. There was room enough on the ground to fell the tree with a simple basal cut but the developer wanted to leave about 4 metres of the tree trunk so the excavator to come could have a good purchase on the tree, levering it up, roots and all. A common and expedient practice in the construction industry since an excavator is on-hand and available on almost all new construction at the initial stages.


This necessitated climbing the tree. Installing a crown anchor and lopping branches on the ascent to limit branches getting ‘caught up’ on the other branches beneath, ‘a potentially dangerous situation’.



The hungry Morbark wood chipper buzzed for a good part of the day till all the surrounding green had been consumed and only a lone timber monolith remained of that grand old tree.


Nobody likes taking down a big beautiful tree. When they pose a danger, or they get in the way of a needed improvement on a property, then sadly it’s time to go.