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If you head out of Brisbane on the Ipswich motorway, you’ll pass through places like Goodna and Bundamba on your way to Brassall Ipswich. Ipswich is known for its wide open spaces and generous property sizes, especially the further you get out of the Ipswich city limits.

Tree Removal in Ipswich

We were called out to do what was essentially a land clearing job for Mr. Hathaway. His slice of heaven was a 3/4 hectare plot of land that had been subdivided and needed some serious land clearing for the construction to follow.

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This property was loaded with large gum & eucalyptus trees, most of which were straight as gin poles. Because they were clustered together tightly, each one fighting for the sunlight, they had grown to impressive heights, some as tall as 40m. Adding height rather than girth, and the sheer number of trees, we had an imposing job before us.

Land Clearing in Brisbane Southside – Ipswich

Although many of the trees were just short of the boundary fence and needed to be limbed whilst standing, lots of trees could simply be felled where they stood given the abundance of clear felling area. We removed 20 trees in all to make room for construction. We left a few trunks at 4m that were directly over the construction zone for the digger to push over, roots and all.

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For this job, we used a 30m boom lift. A machine with outriggers was a must due to the undulation and 15-degree pitch of most of the land.

This job was a hard slog that we all felt physically. What made it all worthwhile was the generous smile of satisfaction that Mr. Hathaway had beaming across his face.

There’s nothing like a satisfied customer to reinvigorate you.

Yes! life’s good when people love your work.

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