Queen Palm Tree

Queen palm trees are not only beautiful but also tall. Brisbane QLD is a palm-filled part of Australia where people increasingly find value in palm trees. If you want to show your appreciation for palm trees by growing one, queen palm tree might be your best bet.

This may be an oversell because the queen palm tree is not just for anyone to grow, especially when you don’t have the time to care for it. The climate conditions in Brisbane favour its growth, but it also needs a little more than just planting and watering.

Here is some queen palm tree information you need with you:

• Queen palm height can reach 15M. This means that they can get quite large at which point people consider removal.
• Their canopy can extend to 25 feet. What a sight that is.
• Queen palm tree has tiny blossoms in summer which crown its beauty. These blossoms then become the queen palm tree fruit during the winter. They are orange in colour.
• The diameter of a queen palm tree can reach 2 feet.

How to grow queen palm trees

Queen palm tree seeds are available for sale. Once you buy your seeds, soak them in water for a week or two before planting them in the soil. Remember that it’ll take at least two months for the seeds to germinate. Also, ensure to change the water every day. If you want to skip this process, buy a small plant instead.

Once you plant the seeds, place the container in a sunny area. The queen palm tree requires sunlight to grow. Queen palm care needs that you regularly water the plant and ensure to apply fertilizer for nourishment.

Once the plant sprouts, in areas with strong wind especially in Australia, it’s essential to protect the young plant from strong winds by bracing it with a tree. That is also part of the queen palm tree care routine.

Like all other palm trees, queen palm tree growth rate is rapid which means that you need to be ready to care for the tree at each stage of its growth. During dry seasons in Brisbane, water your plant regularly and during winter, winterize the queen palm using heat tape.

When you consider buying seeds and a little plant, the queen palm tree prices will guide your decision. The seeds are generally cheaper than a small plant. Other queen palm prices you may incur are the queen palm removal charges.
How long do queen palms live?

Palm trees are very resilient and can live up to a century. When it comes to the queen palm lifespan, it can last between ten and 50 years. Especially in Brisbane QLD. As earlier mentioned, queen palm trees require care to grow since they face a number of problems. If you want your queen palm to last longer in Australia, care for the plant.


While the queen palm fruit resembles the coconut tree, as well as the leaves. These two plants are very different. One of the significant differences is that the queen palm tree fruit is inedible.
Due to their ability to grow into large trees, they can become cumbersome to care for, and most owners opt to have them removed. Contact us for effective removal.