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Upp Mt Gravatt Poinciana Tree Removal 

Upper Mount Gravatt in Brisbane Southside is a much appreciated mini business hub comparable to Indooroopilly, Carindale and Chermside.

Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre is a big part of the district’s identity. This was the location for TreeloppingPros Poinciana tree removal.

Most jobs present some significant challenge that brings much satisfaction once overcome. We were presented with three distinct challenges on this particular job.

The much-maligned yellow kerbside line to the narrow street, making parking a logistical brain throb, branches overhanging structures throughout its radius and a rabbit warren of cars and machinery to navigate under its canopy.

Not the sort of job you rub your clasped hands, bursting with happy anticipation on arrival. The removal was formidable, but putting our best foot forward we mounted the challenge just like every other problematic job, one step at a time.

The size of this particular Poinciana was intimidating, to say the least. Each of its 7 trunks splayed out approximately 12m with remarkable symmetry, giving this Poinciana’s canopy a massive 24m diameter, much greater than its height of 16m.

The most lateral branches that formed an umbrella-like canopy of feathery leaves was striking, to say the least. This Grand Daddy, well into its twilight years although just 45 years old was still producing a splendid robust show of flowers.

Its impressive bloom of multihued red claw shaped flowers that adorned its canopy had roused excitement for many passers-by for decades. As superlative examples of decorative trees go, this would have to be right up there with the best of them.

As you may appreciate by the tone of this right-up we really love our trees, but of course, we had arrived to remove this one.

Invasive Roots

Steve, the homeowner was somewhat torn over its removal but the horrendous repair bill for damage to his homes foundation and underground plumbing brought on by the Poinciana’s invasive root system made his decision to remove the tree a no brainer.

To free up our approach to the trunk and facilitate tree waste removal we decided we would clear all the under tree area. We had no sooner relocated all the machinery and cars from under the tree for access before our access equipment had arrived.

The Nifty 150 boom lift arrived at 7:00am sharp and we wasted no time at height nibbling away at the peripheral growth, street side, which by that time was drooping over the footpath and impeding foot traffic.

This allowed for access to the spoke-like big wood structure at its centre hiding under a cloak of fine branches and leaves.

Poinciana’s peripheral branches typically maintain a lateral criss-cross random growth pattern. Branches twist and contort their way, forming a matted upper layer.

Dead branches often get hung up in this criss-cross zone of growth only to form what is sometimes a dense mesh layer of dead foliage.

Removing cut branches consequently often becomes a tug of war, trying to pull branches free of this entangled mess.

Given this structure to the upper layer, we go about removing the peripheral growth slowly and with care since the free fall dynamic of cut branches is hard to predict.

Cutting away short branch lengths at a time we found to be the trick to ensuring we maintain in hand control of most cut branch pieces.

The removal was completed leaving a trunk cut flush to ground level. As the Pictures show the signature ‘better than we found it clean up’ is always appreciated.


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