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Yumi, who resides in Mansfield Brisbane found us online.

She chose to contact TreeloppingPros after wading through a sea of other service providers because she was impressed with our many 

5 star reviews from customers who wrote not pithy one-liners but lengthy detailed accounts about their experience and high level of satisfaction. 

Yumi explained that her poolside Poinciana had worn out its appeal after years of cleaning up the fine feathery leaves.

A word of advice; think again if you’re considering planting a Poinciana tree poolside.If the clogged pool filters and endless cleaning up poolside don’t get you the potential for damage from the very invasive root structure will.

That said they are a highly decorative shade tree, much appreciated in the right setting.

Yumi wasted no time booking us, stressing we were not the cheapest of the quotes she got but not the dearest either but she hired us because she was convinced that the outcome would be a reflection of the many reviews she had read

Well, we have no shame in saying, she was right. 

She only had the Thursday free each week so we were happy to squeeze her in and accommodate her schedule.

Bang on 8 am the job started on a Thursday presenting the usual challenges. 

The trees canopy sprawled over a large garage with an almost impossible roof to walk on given the nature of its construction (the roof battens being too far apart to support any traffic). So removing the portion of the tree over the roof necessitated laying out boards on the roof to distribute the weight of one of our workers.

Rigging is the backbone of our Business

 The branches overhanging the roof covered the whole span of the roof so we hardly had a choice but to remove most of the overhanging branches walking the length of the garage roof.

Limb walking is out of the question with most Poincianas as the majority of branches that form the umbrella-shaped canopy are roughly at the same height with no upper limbs high enough to support a limb walker secured by ropes.

Nonetheless, systematically the branches were cut and rigged down using a pulley tied to a large limb extending away from the roof to in effect pendulum swing the branches away from the roof and lower them down to the drop zone.

This one of many essential rigging techniques is the bedrock of any reputable tree service business.  Even though one of our team members holds a level 3 advanced rigging ticket we never sit on our laurels dismissing further training and learning.  Honing our teams rigging skills is a daily exercise we all enjoy. 

The tree was removed and none to soon as it appeared.  The base of the trunk was riddled with rot hidden from view. Fortuitously this fated Poinciana was removed. It was only a matter of time before gravity or a strong wind would take over.

In this case, there were no tell-tale signs; stressed bark, borers, mould, fungi, mushrooms at its base etc… It was a good call. I dread to think what the damage bill would have been had the worse happen.

On completion, Yumi thanked us profusely as she looked out over her spotlessly clean yard minus the Poinciana. Did we pause for a moment to lap up the praise? Guilty.


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