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leopard tree removal brisbane
leopard tree removal brisbane

Leopard Tree Removal Holland Park  

Holland Park on Brisbane’s Southside was the location of TreeloppingPros team for a Leopard tree removal. 

Jim our customer had regretted not removing all of the Leopard trees the first time he had the tree lopped.

According to Jim the price was preclusive…..”just too high!”  Now some years later the secondary growth was towering above his 2 storey home and very near touching the street power-lines. 

Energex had nibbled away at this secondary growth ‘as they do’ and so by the time TreeloppingPros was engaged to lop the tree once again at Jims behest the tree was  extremely uninspiring to say the least.

Soo far from its characteristic shape, that it just had to be removed. 

Jim explained it was simply hurting his eyes looking at it, overhanging branches aside. 

Adding to this eye sore was a dead ‘Black Wattle’,  a broad designation for any one of over 1,300 species of Acacia  native to Australia.

The Black Wattle’s dead canopy was enmeshed with the branches of the Leopard tree, oh what fun this lop was going to be. 

No we’re not done yet, a Chinese Elm was also jostling for room between these 2 trees.  

“We just can’t help ourselves” 

Throw in 2 or 3 species of vines festooning all 3 trees and here was our Christmas present on Christmas Eve.  Great! 

All we needed now was the fairy lights to make this picture complete.     Our climber sucked up an enormous lung full of courage before mounting the Leopard tree. 

“Just take your time”,  was the generous reassurance offered by the ground crew.  Sure enough the Leopard tree was disassembled piece by piece until it no longer tainted the sky with its ugly branches. 

Oh and in our excitement we also removed the dead Black Wattle, Chinese Elm and vines to boot. 

Jim was overjoyed.  He had only paid for the Leopard tree lop but got much much more. 

Its was simply a case of our professionalism and generosity overshadowing any commitment to cost restraints. 

Jims praise and satisfaction was enough payment.  The TreeloppingPros team’s  job  satisfaction  peaked the bar scale that day.

What can I say, “When it comes to customer satisfaction, we just can’t help ourselves”


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