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Anne from Gailes in Ipswich sourced us from our website with tree lopping in mind.  Following our phone conversation with her, it turned out she was really in need of tree removal. 

Her fence line Chinese Elm had grown into an enormous tree overhanging everything, her neighbours tin mover shed, her own 50,000L pool and her Colorbond™ roof. 

Her roof in fact was her biggest problem, overhanging branches were blocking all the precious sunlight that her solar panels needed.

This particular problem we have responded to countless times as its a very  common story for us at TreeloppingPros. 

Needless to say we were happy to accommodate Anne supplying her the picture base quote with the price as a markup in the picture the same day. 

Anne mentioned she had a tight budget for her tree work and scarcely thought she could afford it.

Nonetheless she promptly excepted our quote and and we booked her job 6 days ahead.

The tree required rigging down the branches into a 2m by 2m drop zone.

“Just Marvellous” 

Navigating all the obstacles on the way down was no small feat,  roof antenna,  adjacent trees, a lean-to structure off her home called for much care and a high level of expertise. 

The job was completed in a timely manner with no harm to our person or property damage, oh, and no near-miss scary incidents either.  Our unblemished record in personal safety and caution around structures is something we take a lot of pride in. 

Her home, the street front, where our truck and chipper were parked were left in a “cleaner than we found it state”.  This was much appreciated by Anne.

She also liked the payment options. She chose EFT (electronic funds transfer).

We sent our invoice to her email the same day after completion and she was more than happy to pay us promptly online.  Anne was impressed with our professionalism and of all things our stamina, working nonstop till the job was done.

That day the sun lit up rooms in her home that had not seen the light of day in years.  Even the dials on the solar panel inverter lit up like a Christmas tree.

We appreciate good clients like you Anne.

TreeloppingPros is just glad to be of service.


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