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Darra Pencil Pines Removal 

Darra is a very old suburb and thus still boasts many large properties though there is a trend these days to subdivide.

Big industry has a large presents in Darra along with its surrounding suburbs. Halina our most recent happy customer chose TreeloppingPros to remove her 2 tall Pencil Pines along her boundary.

The Pines kept her tossing and turning at night in extreme weather as she feared nature would do her worst, and bring them down on her neighbour’s garage or her own home.

Fears that where not entirely without foundation here in Queensland where severe thunderstorms can wreak tremendous damage in an instant.

How it Should Have Been Controlled

After an external examining the trees on the initial visit it was discovered each Pencil Pine consisted of multiple trunks that was the result of secondary hedge like regrowth from a savage lopping many years back.

The right way to control the growth of a Pine tree is to cut about 10” off the central leader right at the very tip of its height.

Unfortunately the lopping done many years earlier was an abomination, lopping the Pine  about 2m from the ground.

The bushy regrowth that follows takes away from its characteristic shape and form.

The Removal Begins With Challenges

On the day of the removal a further inspection was conducted. Spreading the branches apart to peer into the Pine revealed a somewhat hollow centre that was dense with hung up clumps of dead foliage.

The dead foliage was so dense it was deemed too much of an impediment to a climber as he would get a surprise dump of this nasty stuff with each few cuts ascending the tree.

High Reach Removal

So we elected to keep our climbers anxiety level to an absolute minimum and use a hydraulic boom lift.  

We took advantage of the adjacent vacant block to set up our 17m Nifty 150 boom lift and away we went.

Even so hacking away at this dead woody mass from the top down was no Botanical Gardens picnic.

Just as we expected huge clumps of this dead matter would fall away showering the ground crew with a cloud of brown particles generously laced with creepy crawlies. 

I did notice the leery gaze of the ground crew as they looked up to our man in the boom bucket smiling as this happened from time to time, occasionally capping it off with the cry, “and that’s why you wear a helmet”.   

Another Success Story                                                   

It took us a little longer to remove the pines than we expected.  We flush cut the trunk so it could easily be covered over with wood chip and concealed all together. 

At that point Halina’s countenance donned the smile. “Out of sight, out of mind” she said.

Our crew were  happy to remove Halina’s Pencil Pines.  Though they were not so happy to still be franticly removing little bugs lodged in unholy places throughout the drive home. 

This provided some  comic relief that I am certain just added a stronger sense of family in the team.

Yes, we notched that one up to shear grit.


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