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Maintenance Tree Pruning on Steep Gradient

Chapel Hill in South Brisbane is a suburb as the name suggests where many have a bird’s eye view of Brisbane city.  A privilege many house owners will tell you was reflected in the purchase price.

So naturally homeowners in Chapel Hill, for the most part, are very house proud, their homes glistening with street appeal.

From the tall natural native trees dotted throughout to the meticulously sculpted front yard greenery.

It all says we love our suburb and our home.  Louise and Richard our recent happy customers were no exception.

They contacted TreeloppingPros to carry out a maintenance prune along 3 boundaries that boasted a variety of impressive trees,  a Silky Oak,  a stand of River She-Oaks (Casuarinas), Red River Gums just to name a few.

A rock retaining wall fronted their home on 2 boundaries and most of the trees were growing on the level ground atop the rock wall but a few were growing along the sloping edge atop the wall which gave the trees a propensity to lean out toward the street.

“Just Marvellous” 

These trees, tall dangerous leaners, had to be removed.  Along with pruning almost all trees, our job was cut out for us.  Finding a footing on that sloppy edge was a challenge.

But all the heavily leaning trees were removed with no damage to surrounding growth and the pruning was conducted with ease using a Stihl 101 Pole saw, an exceptional bit of equipment.

We expected the clean up to take longer than usual but it took longer still and then some.  That’s just the way it is sometimes with steep gradients.  Nonetheless, the result was worth the effort.

This Chapel Hill residence had gone from needing a compass to navigate the expedition to a leisurely walk through parkland estate.   “Marvellous”, was the resounding praise from  Louise, our customer, “just marvellous”.

Well, I can’t say the Treeloppingpros team were surprised to hear it.  We work tirelessly to ring out a response like that from even the most scrutinising customer.

Your welcome Louise.


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