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Seven Large Alexander Palms Removed

Tarragindi was the site of this palm tree removal job.  This particular customer lives in a much-admired street in Tarragindi.

The nature strip either side of this street is lined with Jacaranda’s, tall and magnificent, providing shade almost throughout the length of the street to footpaths and bitumen. 

The canopies of trees opposite each other merged in the middle of the street gifting the passers-by with a memorable gorgeous treescape that lends the homeowners a sense of prestige.

Steve, our customer and a resident of 36 years in this particular street in Tarragindi was understandably proud of his location.  He had rung us to remove 7 large Alexander Palms that he reckoned had gotten tall enough to make the whole household feel insecure over their safety.  

This all too common reason to remove palms would account for at least half of all removals in our experience.  He also had 8 Triangle Palms that needed to be cleaned.

The TreeloppingPros team got on with the job promptly on arrival that Friday morning.  Right in our element, we reverted to our ‘been there a million times before’ mode, each team member pre-empting each action needed to get the job at hand done.

I never tire of watching this poetry in motion, where things just hum, and subtle hand gestures are the loudest commands driving operations.  This sort of efficiency is borne of much training and a river of sweat.


“We just can’t help ourselves” 

Steve was impressed with our confident, ‘we got this vibe’ when his Alexander palms came down one by one with the least amount of fuss and noise.

His Triangle palms where next.  Removing the hung up dead fronds and  palm inflorescence made such a difference.  Being a pretty handy fellow, Steve did most things himself and so had never had his 15 year old Triangle palms cleaned professionally before. 

The standard we had achieved in cleaning was not outside Steve’s ability to do in the future.  So we gave him a crash course in how to prune his Triangle palms to achieve a professional result, something he really appreciated.  

Of course there would be the initial out-lay of the right equipment that he didn’t have and he’d be set.

The Triangle palms on completion where a postcard,  just perfect with the customary arch shaped lower petiole cuts.  

We left his home with our signature, ‘cleaner than we found’,  last touch.  And personally when the customer shakes my hand and stands kerbside waving us goodbye as Steve did, it just makes all the little extras we did for him worthwhile. 

Another satisfied TreeloppingPros customer.

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