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Why Poisoning a Tree is Not a Safe Way to Remove a Tree in Brisbane City

There are Better and Safer Ways to Remove Unwanted Trees

If you want your tree removed and do not have the funds to call a professional it will simply not pay you to poison the tree in suburbia. We at Treeloppingpros, have been called out countless times for a solution to removing a tree that is dead due to poisoning. And let me tell you, removing it can be a formidable task. Most tree professionals will not touch a tree that has been poisoned. Their trained eye looks for the tell tail signs of holes often plugged around the base of the trunk or on the sprawling flairs. There are a number of reasons why tree professionals avoid poisoned trees.

Firstly the dead tree is no longer a safe structure to climb, since the tree although standing, does not have the structural strength of a healthy living tree so seemingly strong branches can give out at any moment especially when put under stress such as when it is climbed. This naturally is the case when trees die from other causes.

Health Hazards

Secondly, the dust and chips that become airborne when the branches are cut with a chainsaw obviously still contain the poison that has killed the tree. Only now with each saw cut, the tree worker is breathing this nasty stuff in. As you may know, trees are hardy plants and can’t be killed easily. So if the special concoction of poison has killed the tree how on earth are you going to come away with your health intact having breathed this potentially lethal stuff in? Even if a professional tree climbing arborist uses appropriate PPE, for example, a mask, how can you contain the windblown sawdust from posing a threat to you, the homeowner or your surrounding neighbours.


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Now Your Tree is Dangerous & Unsafe

Thirdly a dead tree is basically an unsafe structure waiting for any excuse to collapse without warning. It simply does not make good sense to poison a tree to get rid of it in suburbia. Although not advisable, if farmer Joe chooses to do it on his farm of umpteen acres it’s a whole different story. In most cases, the trees generous proximity away from humans considerably reduces the risk of any harm to anyone, poison aside. The tree will fall by itself after it dies over time, with a little help from the wind and stormy weather. This is an age-old farming practice, sadly still used today.

Big Trouble Ahead

Poisoning a tree in suburbia, and especially a large tree, well, you’re just begging for trouble. Just think, the end result will be a dead tree, that is and should be deemed a no-go zone given every the present threat of falling branches or for that matter a falling tree. We have seen enormous trees overhanging houses and children’s play areas just to name a few scenarios.

Poisoning a tree you’re creating a highly dangerous environment that can potentially wreak havoc on structures and people but of course, no one sets out to do this deliberately. They were more than likely offered a solution from a well-meaning neighbour or friend without fully exploring the consequences.


Yes, there are solutions to removing trees that have died as a result of poisoning. Each tree needs to be assessed individually. The best option would be to wait until your budget allowed for the safe removal by a trained and certified professional.

A healthy tree is much safer than a dead tree that has been poisoned. Meanwhile, get quotes to remove the tree professionally. It’s money well spent.

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