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Palm Cleaning – River Side Home on the Brisbane River

When cleaning these 2 Royal Palm Trees, we used spikeless grapples and ropes when climbing so we did not damage the palm trunk. The clients were extremely happy with the process and the results.

Palm Removal Brisbane

Palm Cleaning and Maintenance

Palms are a beautiful type of Plant that evokes a very tropical vibe. They’re highly common throughout many parts of Australia, particularly in the southeast region of Queensland, which is officially known as the Sunshine State due to its beautiful beaches, coastal regions, and overall landscape.

Brisbane Palm 

Because of this, many residents of Brisbane have palms on their properties as a part of their landscaping. Not only are they a beautifully natural aesthetic choice, but they also provide useful shade from the sun which can help to encourage healthy growth in your surrounding garden beds.

There are a few varieties of palms – some are self-cleaning, and some are not. Self-cleaning palms shed their spent inflorescences and fronds naturally as they continue to grow, which means maintenance is required to keep the base of the palms clear of fallen dried green waste.

Non-self-cleaning palms require further care and attention across the course of their life cycle. If they’re not attended to, dead fronds can remain hanging from the tree, This apron or skirt of dead fronds many consider to undesirable due to its untidy appearance.

As well, ripe and sometimes unripe seeds can cause issues through the attraction of fruit bats, that can cause fear or frustration for domestic pets and also create a mess as they’re feeding.  Not to mention the potential harm to the bats themselves from a number of palm species. Cocos palms, for example, pose a real threat to Flying Foxes as they eat unripe seeds during hard times that could kill them, unripe seeds being poisonous. 

Different varieties of palms can grow multitudes of fruits or seeds. If the fruit is not harvested, it will have no option but to drop, where it can rot in the sun and attract native animals and rodents looking for food.

This can lead to many ongoing issues and will create an area in your garden that’s less than attractive both aesthetically and from a smell perspective. Nobody wants rotting fruit attracting rats to the backyard!

Even the most seasoned of home gardeners would prefer to spend their weekends doing something else than picking up rotting fruit that’s been dropped to spoil in the hot sun.

By proactively looking after your palm trees, you can ensure they’re happy, healthy and will be a benefit to your landscape rather than an eyesore.

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Pruning Palm Trees

There are a number of reasons why it may pay off to hire a seasoned professional to look after your palm trees. Palm trees can be difficult to maintain properly, as pruning them at height can be dangerous if you’re unfamiliar with the correct and safe procedure.

As well, fallen fruit can become hazardous underfoot as a potential tripping hazard. Different varieties of palms also grow spikes which bring an added level of danger to any kind of pruning activity. Instead of trying to tackle these elements yourself, it’s wise to invest in the services of a skilled palm tree cleaning specialist who has years of experience in how to go about the proper care and maintenance of any kind of palm tree and the dangers they bring with them.

A professional palm tree pruner will also be able to make knowledgeable decisions around which parts of the tree should and shout not be pruned. Palm trees are unique in their makeup, and the way they exhibit signs of illness or poor health differs to that of most other tree types.

Their fronds are crucial to the palm tree’s overall health, so they work hard to naturally rejuvenate these fronds. An inexperienced pruner without this kind of knowledge and experience could make devastating cuts that cut the lifespan of the palm dramatically due to poor treatment.

However, by hiring the services of a seasoned and experienced palm tree cleaning professional, they’ll be able to give your palm tree the careful care and attention it deserves to continue to flourish, whilst also ensuring your home is safe from the danger that comes with having a damaged tree towering over it in the yard.

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When to Remove a Palm

Just like any tree, palms can become damaged in stormy weather. This is common in Brisbane in particular where intense summer storms can arrive without much warning and cause lots of damage to landscapes and gardens.

As well, palms can suffer from damaged roots, which then creates a potentially hazardous situation if it were to fall without warning at any given moment.

Palms can also suffer from a particular disease called Ganoderma Rot, which enters the palm through a wound before making its way to the tree’s center and causing the wood to rot. If this occurs, the fungus can form a horizontal white circle on the bark.

This is a sure sign your palm tree requires removal, as there is no cure for Ganoderma Rot and the impact is deadly for your palm.

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Rules and Regulations to Follow

Removing a palm follows the same type of procedure as a general tree removal process, where it is cut at piece by piece in order to make the palm smaller and more controllable before it falls. This allows the tree lopper to ensure the safety of both the surrounding area and their team during what can be a dangerous process.

By hiring a professional, you also receive the benefit of their intimate familiarity with many different types of palms. They’ll be able to advise you as to whether the palm tree in question requires permission from the local council before removal due to its particular type. Best of all, they’ll make sure the job is professionally carried out from start to finish, leaving your property clean and in pristine condition.

If you’re not sure whether or not your palms are healthy, call in a professional and lean on their professional opinion as opposed to making your own uninformed judgment call. By spending the time and energy now, you can save yourself much more trouble further down the track by neglecting your palms when they needed your attention.

Just because they look sturdy from the outside does not mean this plant type does not flourish from careful care and attention, as well as an investment in ongoing maintenance.

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