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Wood Chip Mulch

We supply clean weed free wood chip mostly made up of native hardwoods to residents of the south and south eastern suburbs of Brisbane. We sometimes make exceptions.

Quality Wood Chip Free including Delivery. Normally $8:00 per cubic metre (Minimum Delivery 6 cubic metres)

Premium Red Hardwood Chip $15:00 per cubic metre. Delivery included (Minimum Delivery 6 cubic metres)

All wood chip mulches are subject to availability Record your details with us and we will book you in for a free 6 cubic metres load of quality wood chip when we complete a tree job in your area. We require a convenient area to tip our load.

Coverage: 1 cubic metre covers 20 sqm @ 50mm thick and For best results 10 sqm coverage @ 100mm thick

Benefits of using wood chip in your garden are:

Your plants will get to drink more water since evaporation is reduced by up to 80%.

Your plants will thrive two-fold in contrast to a garden with no mulch, maintaining a healthy condition. Existing weeds will be eliminated with a generous ground cover.

Your moist green spaces will become a beneficial habitat for native animals.

Mulch & Wood Chips – Types and Benefits to Gardens

Many of us enjoy spending the weekend pottering around in our home gardens, planting new plants and taking care of our existing gardens. The Australian climate is conducive to beautiful gardens and fast growth in many regions, but at the same time, any quality garden will require the care and work of an attentive gardener in order to grow to its fullest potential.

There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to what kind of plants and landscaping would best suit your home – climate, garden size potential, gardener abilities, and so on. However, there is one key that is true across the board, no matter the type of plants you choose to work with: supplying your plants and trees with quality mulch is guaranteed to encourage their healthy growth and plant happiness. They’re living, breathing and growing organisms, and require the same kind of nourishment as any other living creature in order to grow and flourish.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is a natural material that is used to spread across the surface of the soil as a covering. Mulch works to retain moisture within the soil and also has weed-suppressing abilities. It also helps to keep the soil at an even temperature through its cooling properties. Depending on the type of mulch used, it may also improve the actual fertility of the soil as it breaks down and decomposes. Mulch can also help to suppress and inhibit weed growth, minimising weeding time and removing pesky weeds from becoming a life-threatening problem to your plants’ growth and sustainability.

What is Mulch made of?

Mulch can be made of a range of materials and is also a great way to ‘recycle’ natural plant materials rather than wasting plant or tree offcuts which are created as a result of pruning or removal. Common organic mulches are built up of bark, which can be shredded or chipped, compost, manure, newspaper, straw, grass clippings or shredded leaves.

When organic mulch is spread on garden beds, it will decompose, during which it will improve the fertility of the soil beneath it. This means organic mulch will need to be replaced in order for the soil to continue to benefit from a layer of mulch protection and nutrients.

When mulching gardens in the Brisbane region, it’s important to keep an eye on the mulching process, as the variety of seasonal weather Brisbane receives will affect the breakdown process. During the hotter summer months, mulch will dry out faster, and adding moist mulch to your garden beds on a regular basis will help to keep your garden soil cool and healthy across the summer. Strong storms can also cause mulch to wash out if it’s not properly secured, in which case, a replacement layer will be needed for the soil below.

Benefits of Mulching

There are many benefits to gardeners that arise from using mulch. Planting requires effort and costs both time and money, and each plant is an investment. Using mulch, whether organic or wood chips, gives your landscaping and gardens an extra layer of protection whilst your soil is enriched at the same time.

Types of Mulch & Best Uses

The wide range of mulch types available provide plenty of options for finding the best kind of mulch required for each specific need in your garden. These include…

Bark or Wood Chips – it’s best to use a bark (or wood chip) mulch around trees and shrubs, or in garden beds where you will be doing a minimum amount of digging. Wood-based mulches are not designed to mix well into soils, and instead should be used in areas where hardier plants have been planted and the chance of making future landscaping changes is minimal, such as a completed garden bed. Wood chip mulch does not break down at the same rate as other organic mulches, so this is a great long-lasting mulch choice for landscaped areas in your garden such as next to walkways and foundation plantings.

Compost/Composted Manure – this kind of mulch is very versatile and can be used anywhere. It possesses many strong qualities, working as either a coating of mulch or for more targeted needs during the growing stage, when plants are able to benefit from the compost’s slow-release nutrients as they grow and send down their roots. You can also add mulched plants into your compost to benefit from their nutrients once more.

Newspaper – this type of mulch doesn’t immediately come to mind for most of us, but this is a kind of mulch that is becoming an ever-popular choice for garden beds. Shredded newspaper has the ability to keep plants moist, so layering sheets of newspaper creates a strong moisture retention barrier. Layered newspaper can control the soil temperature below, ensuring a cool and growth-conducive environment for your plants. They’re also effective as a weed suppressant, which will reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend weeding to keep your plants happy and healthy. To apply newspaper to your plants as a mulch, begin by moistening them and layering a minimum of 4 sheets of newspaper around your plants. Once these sheets are in place, cover them with a layer of organic mulch. You’ll be amazed by how well your plants are protected from weeds across their growing season.

Grass clippings – this kind of mulch is best kept to areas of your garden where you’re looking to control and inhibit weed growth. Grass clippings decompose rapidly, so are not reliable as far as a long-term mulching choice. You could also use grass clippings in a compost bin, turning them into a richer organic process as they’re mixed in with your other degradable composting food scraps.

Shredded leaves – this is another natural mulch option. Shredded leaves are an extremely versatile mulch material and can be used across any kind of garden bed, in keeping with your landscaping desires due to their aesthetics. Shredded leaves also attract worms to your garden soil, adding to its fertility.


Mulch and wood chips are a worthy investment when it comes to giving your garden beds the treatment they deserve. Familiarising yourself with the different types of mulch available will allow you to make the best choice for your garden in order to give your plants and trees the healthiest nourishment possible as they grow.

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