The Australian flame tree

Have you heard of the Australian flame tree? If not, you probably know it by a different name. The Australian flame tree also goes by the Illawarra flame tree. That sound familiar? If you’re not sure about it, here are some Illawarra flame tree facts that might help:

• It is a small tree when grown in gardens but has the potential to grow up to 35meters high. In Brisbane, the flame tree grows about 10meters.
• Flame tree leaves are smooth and oval shaped. The leaves often turn yellow towards the end of winter as they prepare to fall off. The tree then flowers.
• Illawarra flame tree growing conditions include dryness. In colder climates, the tree doesn’t express its full growth potential.
• Illawarra flame tree flowers are bright red that occurs at the end of the branches. They are bell-shaped. The flowers will appear as the tree loses its leaves.
• The fruits of the flame tree Australia are brownish and leathery. Inside are corn like seeds that are protected by hairs. These hairs can irritate your skin.
• Illawarra flame trees are native to Australia’s coasts

Growing flame trees in Australia

After deciding that the Illawarra flame tree is the way to go, you need to know how to grow it. First, the tree does well in the full exposure to the sun. The soil should have adequate drainage and be fertile. For the flame tree to grow, the quality of soil needs to be the type that remains dry even in winter.

Illawarra flame tree growth rate is rapid, and the tree will grow large. You will notice 24 inches every season as the tree unfolds. Besides, the flame tree has a very long lifespan and can even outlive you. It’ll survive up to 150 years.

The roots of the Illawarra flame tree are considered invasive because if planted close to houses or other structures, the tree may damage them. The Illawarra flame tree roots are not very invasive like other plants, but it is still essential to maintain at least a 10meter distance from the house.

Uses of Illawarra flame tree

The first notable use of the flame tree is that it can be a feature tree. It is also a welcome change from evergreen trees in Brisbane despite the mess it leaves behind. Also, flame trees provide great screens for your home, especially during their young stages.

As a source of shade, the Illawarra flame tree is a natural as its leaves provide an extensive shade cover in your yard. Australian flame trees are resilient and therefore don’t have many diseases, but their roots tend to rot if the soil drainage is not good. This compromises the anchor of the tree, and it may succumb to strong winds.

Since the Illawarra flame tree is deciduous, it can get quite messy which often calls for removal. If the tree is not carefully removed, it’ll create an even larger mess as the leaves, seeds or flowers fall to the ground. Contact us for expert removal services of deciduous trees.