Canary Island Date Palm Tree

A Majestic Beautiful Palm

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Your home speaks of your personality and style. While many people focus on the interior décor, many others love the outdoor spaces.

If you have a beautiful open yard, you’ll want to make this a great place to spend time in this space.

Finding the ideal plants for your yard can be overwhelming. Fortunately, palm trees are here to rescue you from at least a few mind-bending choices.

There are myriads of palm trees to choose from that do well in Brisbane QLD. Also, each palm tree is unique and offers a bunch of advantages that others don’t. So choosing them correctly is time well spent.

Take Canary island date palm trees for example. It is the perfect blend of unique and beautiful for your yard. While this palm tree requires a lot of care and maintenance, you’ll see how well it accentuates your outdoor living space.

Canary Island date palms require constant care to remain healthy. If you’re considering bringing this palm tree into your life, then here are some things you should know first:

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How to Grow Canary Island Date Palm Tree

Australian weather is favorable to most palm trees which means you won’t have a lot of issues with creating an environment where they thrive. The concern is in ensuring the plant stays healthy. Canary Island date palm’s growth rate is relatively slow and they grow to stately majestic trees. So choose a space where they can grow old in and they can showcase your property.

Canary Island date palm’s growth takes at least 15 years for the plant to get to 10 feet. During this time, you can enjoy the magnificence of the palm tree. However, the plant has long leaves that have sharp, pointed ends.

As the plant grows, canary Island date palm blossoms begin to appear. They are mainly white and gray and later produce the canary island date palm fruit. The fruits are the size of dates and are edible. However, due to their size, people often dismiss this fruits. The canary island date palm blossoms in summer.

Don’t fret about the canary island date palm root system. Like other palms, it has thin roots that do not cause any damage.

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How to effectively care for a Canary Island Date Palm in Brisbane

Unlike other palm trees, canary island date palm care is somewhat complicated which is why we recommend that you contact an arborist if you don’t have the know-how. First, the canary island date palm fronds are thorny which can prick you.

If you are steadfast in ensuring that your canary island date palm is never thirsty and has the right amount of sun, it can grow to 18M tall. This will, however, take at least 80 years. Besides watering your canary palm, it is important to nourish it using fertilizer so that it can maintain its 1feet growth per year.

Without proper care, canary island date palm diseases strike and your plant could die. The most common infection is the Fusarium wilt of canary island date palm.

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Pruning canary island date palms in Brisbane QLD

Pruning is part of ensuring the health of your plant. When it comes to canary island date palm pruning, have an expert help you because the plant has thorns. Unless the pointy thorns on the stem are broken or dead, don’t cut them off.

To conclude

Canary island date palm will require removal at some point, especially when it grows too large. Due to its thorny stem, canary palm tree removal can be tricky but not for the experts. Contact us to help you take care of your canary island date palm in Brisbane.