The beautiful jacaranda tree

Have you met anyone who’s on the fence about the stunning jacaranda tree? I thought not, the captivating beauty of the jacaranda tree has so many people and cities around the world in a trance. Take Brisbane for example; the Brisbane jacaranda festival is as a result.

In Australia, Sydney is another city that people can’t wait for the purple rain of jacaranda flowers. Out of all the plant species that people want in their yards, jacaranda beats them all. It has a humble pride in the way it effortlessly blossoms.

Jacarandas are a coveted tree around the world. In most parts, the jacaranda tree blooming season is most peoples’ favorite time to take walks or drives along streets lined with jacaranda. This is very evident in Brisbane QLD.

Jacaranda tree Australia

Despite being a native of Brazil, jacaranda tree has found a second home in Australia. It is well loved and taken care of as a precious plant. Brisbane residents often pair the jacaranda tree with a palm tree or other colorful trees.

Purple jacaranda flowers have a peaceful appeal to them; however, there is also a red jacaranda tree. The red jacaranda tree has red flowers as opposed to the widely known powerful. This doesn’t make it any less spectacular. There is a mix of both in QLD, and their flowers harmonize into a striking pattern.

While the red jacarandas are rare, they indeed are a sight for sore eyes. Due to their popularity as earlier mentioned, there is a Brisbane jacaranda festival held every year.

What is the Brisbane jacaranda festival?

The jacaranda festival has been running for half a century. It is a celebration of togetherness as well as the trees blooming that takes nine days. There are many performances by artists, and many people attend the festival.

The jacaranda trees that grace Brisbane area began showing off their beauty in the area during the great depression. Besides being enchanting, they also represent a historic time. The fact that these trees are still standing tall and their beauty still shines brings the community together.

The jacaranda festival, therefore, is a warm and fun celebration of the community spirit in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. Interesting to note, the first ever jacaranda tree planted in Australia was in Brisbane QLD.

Growing jacarandas

Jacaranda trees are in most parts of the world which means that they are very adaptable. In Australia, jacaranda trees will proliferate as long as they get exposure to the sun. If you want your jacaranda tree to bloom early, sun exposure is the way to go.

When there is more heat than usual, jacarandas tend to bloom earlier than expected therefore the jacaranda tree blooming season is not fixed. In different parts of the world, the jacaranda blooms at different times. October is the month that the tree is in full bloom in Australia.

The growth rate in Australia

The jacaranda tree growth rate depends on the conditions under which it is growing. For instance, if you plant your jacaranda during the dry season, they are more likely to grow faster than those planted in the cold season.