Alexander Palm Trees

Awesome Palms or Beautiful Weeds?

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Are you looking for an evergreen addition to your landscaping or backyard? Alexander palm trees can be a good choice. Alexander palm trees are perhaps the most popular palm trees in Australia more and more people are growing this palm in their homes.

Many homes in Brisbane QLD are lined with Alexander palm trees for good reason. First, the tree is incredibly beautiful and also easy to maintain. Another appealing part of this palm is that it remains green and vibrant through all seasons.

Unlike other palm trees that have their origins in far-flung tropical regions of the world, the Alexander palm tree is believed to originate from Australia. This is probably why it is trendy as well. Alexander palms also survive and thrive really well in Queensland during heavy rainfall and dry periods.

The Alexander palm tree is also known for its height. The Alexander palm’s height reaches 18 meters. The king Alexander palm grows to 25 meters which makes it perfect for hedges and landscaping and just being an awesome addition to your tropical garden.

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Growing alexander palm trees in Brisbane QLD

As a native of Australia, the plant does really well in Brisbane. The palm, however, thrives in the full sun. If you want an Alexander palm for indoors, you can have it inside while it’s young potted palm. They also do well in enclosed patios.

At early stages, Alexander’s palms form a beautiful hedge when planted close together. As they grow, they get a tall trunk that extends to about 60cm in width. At the top of the tree are beautiful long fronds that form a canopy.

The Alexander’s palm is a self-cleaning palm tree. As it grows, the trunk shows scars of leaves that are smooth and neat that add to the trees appeal.

Alexander palms also often have white or purple flowers. Fruit of an Alexander palm, start out green and turn red as they ripen after which they begin to fall.
Alexander palm leaves don’t have spikes even though they appear pointed. This makes pruning easier during the plants early stages.

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How to care for Alexander palm trees

Alexander palm care involves the use of moss to help enrich the soil around the plant. Also, don’t forget to fertilize the plant at least thrice each year for nourishment.

Alexander palms will typically shed off dying and dead fronds as well as repair the scars. This is however only possible if the plant is growing in optimum conditions.

Alexander palm growth rate is quite fast. It’ll grow up to a meter tall in a year. Again, this is only possible when you care for your Alexander’s palm.

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Final Thoughts on Alexander Palm Trees

Alexander palm and king Alexander palm share some similarities, but one doesn’t grow past 15meters. Palm trees are attractive because, with minimal care, the plant grows for decades and at each stage, it has a unique beauty to it.

Alexander palm tree removal is often a service that customers request when their trees get too messy or too large to manage. If your alexander palm is any of the two, contact us and have the tree expertly removed.