Who We Are and What We Do

Tree Lopping Pros Brisbane is a small business who’s focus is to serve the Brisbane metropolitan area. We are based on Brisbane’s Southside but are not limited to woking in just our local area.

My name is Nick, the manager of “Tree Lopping Pros Brisbane”. Melbourne born and Brisbane raised. I love my city and draw a lot of satisfaction from working in the horticultural industry. Building my knowledge and experience of the diverse world of Australian trees is an absorbing and exciting endeavour that simply makes it a pleasure for me to go to work each day. If you’ve lived long enough, you’ll appreciate that people who love what they do feel the most fulfilled and as a consequence excel at their work. As the well known proverb says, “Find something you love working at and you’ll never work a day in your life. Who doesn’t want a slice of that pie? customers included.

It’s a prized thing to find a good barber, mechanic, doctor etc. By ‘good’ I mean a professional who is so absorbed in his work that he is only capable of producing excellence. He just can’t help himself, it’s hard-wired into his DNA. He’s not possessed of a “you get what you pay for” mentality. Regardless what you pay him, he’ll give you excellence in return all day, every day. Naturally, any recipient of this level of professionalism, not only benefit themselves, but can’t wait to share their experience with others.

To my local mechanic George, I am a “lifer”, a lifetime customer, why? because he is just the sort of person I’ve described above. Yes! he is a brilliant mechanic but there is much more to him than being at the top of his game. When he holds up a bolt to the light and proceeds to explain every granular detail about its importance to the job, I have every confidence that he has applied his conscientious attention to every last detail of the WHOLE job.

Of course!! he has my respect and….need I say, my return business. I can go on and on about George but you get my drift.

Many of our customers recognise the “George” factor in our business. And needless to say are lifetime customers.

Level 3 Advanced Riggers

Some tree jobs are complicated by height, little if any access and hazards that require rigging skills to rope down limbs piece by piece safely, ensuring no damage is done to existing trees and structures. We are licensed riggers and are brimming over with experience.


Our professional approach and work method is much appreciated, especially by customers with children where family friendly language and decorum are a must. Even your dog and cat will like us, ok maybe not but at least we won’t be doing the barking or scratching.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured to the tune of 20 million although we have never to date had to make a claim.

Clean Up & Attention to Detail

No Job is complete without a thorough clean up. We love receiving praise from our customers for going above and beyond their expectations, leaving behind an immaculate yard.