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Every tree removal job or tree lopping job is unique and requires special scrutiny by a professional, to ensure that everything is assessed correctly and the project goes smoothly and safely. 

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Tree Lopping Professionals Brisbane will expertly remove your unwanted and dangerous trees in the most professional and safe manner

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Tree Lopping Professionals Brisbane will clear any size land area of trees and stumps ready for building and other land improvements

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Tree Lopping Professionals Brisbane will clear all fallen trees that have damaged your home in the fastest and safest way possible

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Tree Lopping Professionals Brisbane can on a regular or quarterly basis,tree pruning lopping removal brisbane and palms by pruning, cleaning, and debris removal

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Brisbane Tree Lopping Professionals Can remove any or all unwanted palms or simply prune and trim them after shedding to give them that “Palm Springs” look

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Brisbane Tree Lopping Professionals can supply mulch that has been created through the removal process at a reasonable price

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Brisbane Tree Lopping Professionals Go to great lengths to take care of the local wildlife and not cause injury to our furry or feathered friends


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Brisbane Tree Lopping Professionals offer some of the most competitive prices in the business. We pride ourselves on delivering what we believe is the best customer experiece, coupled with prices that are very user-friendly to our customers

The most common question and usually the first question people ask is: “Are you Insured?” The Answer is always…..Yes!…Absolutely! That having being said, we have never to date had to make a claim on our insurance. We believe it’s because of our “Safety first policy” both for the customer and ourselves

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The tree lopping, felling, and removal industry have a history spanning thousands of years, as trees have always provided resources which are instrumental in human survival. Tree felling was first achieved through ancient tools shaped for the task such as tomahawks made out of stone. This then gave rise to the axe and the crosscut saw in order for trees to be cut with a more accurate landing in place.

When the colonists arrived on the east coast, they brought with them the axe, officially introducing it to Australia. This tool was pivotal in the evolution of the Australian settled landscape as it was used to clear-cut farmland and as a pivotal instrument in building houses.The design of the axe continued to change over time in order to provide the most balance, power, and durability to those who used it. A further major invention in the 1870s – raker teeth and a tempered steel blade – saw the ability of men to cut down trees increase exponentially as they were armed with more and more powerful tools.


Of course, the introduction of machinery was always going to have a major impact on this industry, and both the introduction of high-wheel logging and the invention of the power saw were major moments for those in the tree felling field. As one of the major industries of early Australia, many men throughout history have made their livings through cutting down trees for use as firewood, furniture, building materials, and so much more.


In our modern day and age, our uses are a little more for decoration!

One of the great benefits of living in Brisbane is so many homes could with beautiful front and backyards, offering many opportunities for landscaping. With the hot summers Brisbane receives, many people make great use of their outdoor areas, and lots of living which would be carried out inside the home during the cooler months takes place in the yard or on the deck, with the beauty of big and small trees alike providing foliage and shade cover. It’s very common to hear neighborhoods full of activity on weekend afternoons, as people enjoy time with their friends and family out and about in the exterior living areas of their homes, which aren’t complete without landscaping. Powerful landscaping can add another dimension to a home’s beauty and functionality and is a great way to continue to make a personal statement about your design preferences and the kind of home you’re looking to create and invite others into.

Unfortunately, some of these trees can become too large for the homes they’re in, and require the attention of a tree lopping professional. Although you may have an emotional attachment to the trees on your property, not paying attention to negative signs can have devastating results when a tree’s needs or potential issues are left untreated. When a tree’s roots grow too big for the space it’s in, there are many damaging consequences.

Common reasons for tree removal or tree lopping

Damage caused by underground utilities and drains which can be affected when a tree’s roots grow too close, as the roots are disruptive to the man-made structures which can have a carry-on effect to the delivery of water and power to not only your property but the property of those around you.

Deep-rooted trees have the potential to pierce through drainpipes and therefore can actually cut off the water supplies in a highly damaging way. If this occurs, it’s a very expensive process to have fixed, and there’ll be at least one utility company very unimpressed with the damage your tree has caused to their systems.

Roots can cause cracks to your home’s foundations and surrounding concrete footpaths, which can be extremely expensive to rectify. Some insurance policies for home and contents also do not protect damage by tree roots, so by leaving a large tree in place when it has a risk of growing too close to your home’s foundations, you’re definitely exposing yourself to a high level of unnecessary risk, and potential outcomes which will be much heavier on your wallet than the cost of removing the tree in the first place.

Large roots can also lift a building’s foundations, creating an uneven surface, which can go on to affect neighboring properties. Again, this is an area which insurance may not cover, especially when it comes to your neighbor’s homes. Protecting the structural integrity of not only your own home but the homes around you is a responsibility as a reliable neighbor.

A Large tree can block your views, both creating too much shade and stopping the sun from keeping your lawn growing. Many different plants and flowers also require a healthy dose of sun in order to grow to their full potential. Why spend so much time and money investing into the beauty of your yard and garden, only to have a lack of sunlight cause your plants to wither and potentially die? As well, too much shade on a home can limit the amount of light which naturally shines through at different points throughout the day, which can have a carry-on effect of negatively affecting the emotions and feelings of you and your family. Homes which are bright and full of light are much more conducive to happiness and a sense of peace in comparison to homes which are forever dark and in shadow.

The tree’s size poses a strong danger if it should fall or drop branches, causing danger to your home and potentially your family. Tree branches are temperamental and there’s no knowing when an unstable branch could drop – and potentially drop on your car, your pet, your family or your belongings. This also poses a huge risk if a heavy storm comes over, as any branches which may have been holding on beforehand will have even more opportunity to fall and cause damage.

Dangers of tree removal

There are many potential dangers when it comes to big tree removal if you try to do it yourself, including the inability to control the direction of the tree’s fall, the impact of falling branches on the surrounding area and on people working on the tree, the potential for incompetence to cause serious accidents due to inexperience, and the issue of having incorrect and improper tools on hand in order to do the job in the safest manner possible, which can lead corners being cut and associated damage as a result.

Many people would be tempted to tackle a tree removal themselves, believing it to be an easy process. In fact, the professional removal of a tree is an extensive and involved process which takes many different factors into account. This is not an area where looking up a tutorial on YouTube is going to provide you with the skills you need to undertake the job well, and if you decide to embark on big tree removal without proper training, there’s a high chance of risk to both yourself and to your surrounding area. In the long run, the cost of hiring a tree lopper will be well justified by the benefits of removing a big tree before it poses a heavy risk of injury or damage to your home or your family.

A professional tree lopper will not only be able to advise you on the best course of action but will take into account many different factors which will lead to a successful and safe tree removal, including…

Professional stump grinding and branch removal – a great tree lopping professional will remove the tree stump once they’ve completed the tree removal and will give you the option o stump grinding and branch removal. By grinding the stump and chipping branches for wood chip, you’ll be left with a great mulch which can be used for composting and soil regeneration. If you’d prefer not to use this, your tree lopping professional should also offer to remove the wood chips from the property. However, if you’ve got existing gardens, this is a great side benefit where you’re able to take your overgrown and diseased tree and recycle it into nutrients for your remaining landscaping. By applying the wood chip mulch to your established garden beds, you’ll be helping them retain moisture and will also be actively fighting against any weeds which threaten their growth. Mulch also works to moderate the temperature around trees, plants, and garden beds, as it prevents the topsoil from overheating. Mulch also helps to enrich the soil and to maintain good drainage structure as it’s decomposing, so there’s a lot of health benefits for your garden if you choose to use the recycled wood chips as a mulch to promote growth.

A legitimate tree lopping company will come with public liability insurance, which is a required insurance for this risky work. This ensures that any incidents which may take place during the lopping process are covered. Because the lopping is taking place on your property, if you hire a tree lopper who does not bring this insurance, any accidents could leave you liable. It’s extremely important to hire a reputable company who can provide you with proof of this insurance as it will cover both yourself and the company’s employees should anything go wrong during the process.

An experienced tree lopping company will also be equipped with the full range of equipment required to do this job properly. One of the first rules of tree lopping is to never cut from a ladder, as it may move or shift, therefore causing a serious fall with dangerous tools. As you’re looking to have a big tree removed, most likely it will require the use of a cherry picker in order to be able to access it from that height. Professional tree loppers will evaluate the best avenue for bringing the cherry picker into your property so as to cause the smallest amount of damage and ensure they do not break anything in the process.

A professional can also control the direction the tree will fall once it’s cut. This is extremely important with a big tree – can you imagine anything worse than trying to remove a problem tree, only for it to fall on your home? A tree lopping professional will ensure there’s a clear area around the tree and will also cover fragile surfaces, like glass or tiles, with a protective material. There’s too much to risk when a large tree comes down not to have a professional ensure that the process is going to run as smoothly as possible.

Another reason you’ll need a tree lopping professional for removing a large tree is often, larger trees will require the removal of large limbs before they can be completely cut down. It’s also important to contact the utility owner of power or telephone lines if you’re cutting down a tree that’s close by to their lines so they’re aware of the action being taken.

Although the easiest way to remove a large tree is to cut it at the base before chopping the trunk into smaller pieces once it has fallen, obviously this is not an option for most people with towering trees in residential areas. Trees which are tall enough to have a potential impact on your home and the homes of your neighbors require careful evaluation and a strategic, targeted approach for how to fully remove the tree and all of its branches without causing damage.

Removing a tree isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but there are circumstances where tree removal is the only way to guarantee safety for your family and your home, especially when it comes to proximity to other trees, utility lines, buildings, and driveways.

Once you’ve confirmed the tree lopping service you’ll be using, the process for removing a big tree should go smoothly.

How professional tree loppers remove big trees safely

The first thing a tree lopping professional will do is to evaluate the area around the tree for anything that may be in the way of its fall. They’ll make sure the area is safe and secure for tree lopping to begin, keeping your property and your family safe throughout the process.

Next, they will observe the natural lean of the tree, as this would be the best way for the tree to fall. Of course, that isn’t always achievable, as the natural fall might be in the same direction as your beautiful lounge room windows! However, a professional tree lopper will be able to decide on the approach for each specific tree, taking into account size and fall pattern in order to cut the tree in the most effective way for the safest fall.

They’ll also stop to check the tree for safety hazards, such as dead or hanging branches. If a tree has a hollow or rotten core, your tree lopping professional will be able to adjust their process to suit. A tree with a hollow or rotten core is unreliable in the direction it will fall, even with professional assistance, as the tree’s trunk itself is no longer structurally sound.

As well, a tree lopping professional will establish safe ‘escape routes’ in case the tree’s fall direction does not go as planned and will make sure these avenues are safe and secure in case the worst happens and those working on the tree need to move to safety quickly.

Equipment used by professional tree loppers

The tools of choice the tree lopping professional uses will depend on the size of the tree and its type. Different tools are required for different functions, which is again one of the many advantages of choosing a professional instead of trying to do it yourself, as they come armed with everything you could need to get the job done well. They’ll also have all required safety gear on hand, including safety glasses and gloves, so that their staff is well protected for the task at hand.

Larger trees will most likely see a chainsaw in used, while smaller trees are often cut down with hand saws. Of course, anything involving a power saw in a potentially challenging environment is best left to the professionals. Your tree lopping professional will most likely have years of experience managing these tools under his belt and will be able to apply this experience to the task at hand in order to carry it out in a safe and effective way.

Tree removal is a time-consuming job which requires patience, steadiness and a commitment to doing the job well rather than doing the job quickly. Your tree lopping professional will take the time required to ensure the tree is not only completely removed, but that your yard is also left clean and nothing is damaged in the process. Too many non-professionals who call themselves tree loppers, but instead are amateurs looking for a quick dollar, will tackle a job without taking every detail large and small into account. As a result, they could cause damage to your lawn or driveway as they move tools in and out, navigate the area, and work with the fallen tree branches. It’s wise to have an extensive discussion with your tree lopper of choice before work begins so your expectations are clear, you’re sure of their professionalism and can rest assured that you’re getting the help you need to a professional and trustworthy standard.

Depending on the size of your tree and the layout of its branches, the tree lopping professional may begin by undergoing a process called ‘limbing’. This is where branches are first removed from the bottom of the tree before continuing to work upwards. This is carried out by cutting branches on the opposite side of the tree from where you’re working, in order to give you the protection of being on the other side of the tree from the chainsaw.

Although the easiest way to remove a large tree is to cut it at the base before chopping the trunk into smaller pieces once it has fallen, obviously this is not an option for most people with towering trees in residential areas. Trees which are tall enough to have a potential impact on your home and the homes of your neighbors require careful evaluation and a strategic, targeted approach for how to fully remove the tree and all of its branches without causing damage.

The other element to consider is whether your large tree needs full removal or could just do with a thorough prune. If your issue with the tree is the shade coverage it provides, a tree lopping professional may be able to advise you on how to approach the problem by making educated branch cuts and opening up the area to more sun. If you’d prefer to keep the tree and your reasons are more aesthetic in comparison to reasons involving safety, this is a conversation to have with a professional who will be able to advise you on the suitability of the nominated tree for pruning rather than lopping. You’d be amazed at what a difference it can make just to have some carefully selected branches cut, both for sunlight coverage and for the aesthetic effect. This may be all you require in order to open up your yard and give your tree a second life. After all, mature trees are difficult to replace, so make sure you’ve thought through your decision and are clear on all of your options before making a final choice.

Although we’re all on the lookout for a bargain, when it comes to tree lopping services, this is not the place to scrimp. There’s a major difference between a company who can provide you with a tree lopper who has years of experience and wisdom behind him, and someone who’s looking to make a quick dollar. There are economy tree services out there, but you can be guaranteed these companies will be looking to get the job done as quickly as possible, without much regard for the health of your trees in a long-term capacity. Some of these lesser quality companies will even pull out tree climbing spikes to be used when pruning your tree. If you see this, it’s a sign you need to reconsider your choice and hire someone who will take more care with the tree’s health, as these spikes are very harmful to trees.

How professional tree service companies remove palm trees

With Brisbane having many tropical elements in its geography, one common big tree which will need removing is the palm tree. This is a palm tree which can be both native to Australia and an introduced species from places like Hawaii, but it’s a very common tree in backyards and public spaces all over Brisbane. Sometimes, however, palm trees may not suit the vibe of the backyard a homeowner is looking to create and may have been inherited from a former owner. Other times, palm trees can cause issues of safety or mess as they drop their fronds. Whatever the reason, a professional tree lopper will be armed with the tools and expertise needed to remove your palm tree in a safe and clean manner.

The most common method used to remove palm trees, which can grow to very high lengths, is called ‘controlled blocking out’. With this method, an experienced tree climber will use lightweight titanium spikes (which are ok for use as long as the tree is being fully removed, when tree health is no longer an issue to consider) and harnesses to ascend the tree. Before doing so, they will have ensured there is a drop zone set up under the tree, with mats to protect the ground from any indentations and heavy duty ply sheets to control the trunk when it falls and hits the ground.

The process begins with the removal of the palm tree crown, which is cut down with hand saws. This is then placed on top of the rubber mat so as to make a soft bed for the segments of the trunk to land on. Then, the professional tree lopper will enlist the help of a colleague to rope a chainsaw up to the climber, so the trunk can then be cut into smaller segments and dropped onto the prepared space below.

Sometimes, there isn’t enough space for a drop zone and this technique is no longer a viable option. When this is the case, a professional tree lopper will be able to come up with a more advanced rigging technique which can be used to safely cut the palm tree into chunks which can then be lowered, rather than dropped, to the ground.

How do professional tree loppers remove the big tree stumps?

No professional tree lopper will consider their job to be complete until the stump itself has been removed and the area it once inhabited is clean from any tree debris. This can be incredibly difficult without the help of professionals, as stumps can have extensive underground root systems and also weigh a lot, making navigation of the stump hard and a full excavation of the stump next to impossible. As mentioned earlier, the grinding of a stump on-site is a great way for you to end up with some usable and valuable mulch to benefit the rest of your gardens. However, if you do not require this mulch, most professional tree lopping services will offer to remove this as a part of their service, leaving your yard clean and in a great condition.

However, this is one area to discuss with your tree lopper beforehand, as this may or may not be an included cost in the service. You don’t want a nasty surprise when you’ve got to hand over the second cheque on the day of payment. The cost of a stump removal process can be measured in a number of ways, with options including a price per diameter, by a total number of stumps, or by a land clearing flat fee which can then be charged hourly. However, for a single stump in a backyard, the common way this fee will be calculated is the size of the stump.

Your professional tree lopper will begin by using a shovel or garden mattock to clear any rocks which may be sitting around the base of the stump (and watching this sweaty work, you’ll once again be glad you paid a contractor to do the job for you!). If this step is not carried out, the rocks can cause damage to the teeth on the cutting wheel of the chainsaw.

After the surrounding area is clear of rocks, the tree lopper will use a chain saw to trim the stump until it’s as close to the ground as possible. This helps to speed up the process. After this, they will use a grinder to grind their way around the stump. Once it has been completely ground, this hole can then be filled with topsoil to begin to restore the soil back to its healthy state.

This is another part of the big tree removal process where it’s wise to invest in the skills of your tree lopper, as this is an area where amateurs can cause damage or injury by going in with enthusiasm and without any further experience.

At the end of the day, you want to be proud of your home’s landscape and secure in the knowledge that your trees are not on their way to causing you expensive issues. Make a regular habit out of checking the health of your larger trees so you’re ready and aware when you need to bring in the help of an expert tree service. This process does not need to be stressful, and in fact, you may be amazed at the positive difference it makes to your space when an overgrown or too-large tree is cut down to size or removed altogether. The investment you make into the services of professional arborists and tree loppers for this process is one you will reap back in value and in peace of mind.